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Dan Proft: What is your exit strategy from Illinois?

Illinois families are fleeing this state for other states that offer a better quality of life at a lower cost. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can bring Illinois back to economic prosperity, and we bring Illinoisans back to contribute to that prosperity.

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Pat Hughes: The tax hike failed, and the politicians didn’t keep their promises

Three years ago, the politicians in Springfield raised your taxes by 67 percent. They promised the tax hike would be temporary. They promised they would pay down the state’s bills and help those truly in need.

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Dan Proft: Serving the truly vulnerable without fleecing Illinois taxpayers

With apologies to Milton Friedman, in Illinois, nothing is so permanent as a temporary tax increase. At least not if Illinois politicians have their way.

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Pat Hughes: People are fleeing Illinois for opportunities they used to find here

Illinois has the third highest unemployment rate in the nation. People are fleeing our state to go to other states and find opportunities there. And the politicians don’t care – they want to make the 67% tax increase permanent.

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Video: Illinois Inaugural Grassroots Leadership Conference

Over 80 grassroots activists from 18 counties in Illinois, representing 68 liberty-focused organizations, joined the Illinois Opportunity Project, Illinois Tea Party, and Tea Party Patriots for the inaugural Illinois Grassroots Leadership Conference, held in May 2013.

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Video: Pat Hughes on Enacting Policy Change in Illinois

At a meeting of the Riverbend 9/12 Group on Oct. 30, 2012, Pat Hughes discusses what each of us can do to enact policy change in Illinois.  

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