February 28, 2023

Chicago, IL- The Illinois Opportunity Project launched the Stop-Ranked Choice Voting Coalition to oppose the confusing and disenfranchising voting system gaining steam in Springfield and the Chicago City Council. 

“Ranked-choice voting is a scheme to inject chaos into our election system and disenfranchise voters across the state of Illinois,” said Katie Clancy from the Illinois Opportunity Project.

California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed legislation on implementing ranked-choice on the local level saying, “it has often led to voter confusion, and the promise that ranked-choice voting leads to greater democracy is not necessarily fulfilled.”  Ranked choice voting has faced bipartisan opposition because of its confusing nature with red states like Florida and Tennessee banning it.

“Ranked-choice voting is not the solution to the flaws in our election system. Rather than strengthening our current system, proponents of ranked-choice voting will disrupt voter confidence and make election results even more difficult to tabulate,” explained Katie Clancy, Illinois Opportunity Project.

“Illinois families are dealing with a worsening economy and rising crime. Elected officials should be focused on those issues. Not taking away the voice of the residents they were elected to serve.”

For more information, visit www.illinoisopportunity.org/stoprcv

Members of the coalition include: Stop Ranked-Choice Voting National Coalition, Illinois Election Integrity Program, Heritage Action for America, Honest Elections Project, Save Our States, Employment Policies Institute, YANA! Illinois, and the Chicago Republican Party.

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