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Voter Registration

Voter registration enables us to grow our voter base, leading us closer to victory on Election Day. County fairs, gun shows, and veterans events are great places to register voters, and we can use data to find unregistered voters in a more targeted way. 

Never be afraid to register low hanging fruit. A volunteer’s family member could be an easy opportunity for voter registration.

Ethical behavior is essential when conducting voter registration activities. Voting is fundamental to our political process and should not be taken lightly. Always follow all applicable laws.


Finding Voters Who Need A Voice

Our goal at a voter registration drive is to register voters who don’t have a voice on the issues we care about. 

One way we achieve this is to strategically choose our venues. Use common sense when choosing locations to register voters (gun stores, farm festivals). Voters who care about the same issues as you frequent different places than those who don’t.

The best way to engage an individual is by always using a petition as a segway. This allows you to accomplish two goals, collecting a list of future volunteers, while also finding unregistered voters. The petition you choose might depend on the venue or your goals, but again, your options are endless.

Some examples of effective petitions:

A petition form might look something like this: 

Ask potential voters if they’ll sign the petition for your issue. Then, while they are completing the form, ask if they’re registered to vote at their current address. If not, register them on the spot! 

If they are already registered, you now have contact information for someone you know agrees with you on that issue and you can follow up with an invite to volunteer.

Best Practices

Registering voters is a numbers game. Sometimes it takes many asks to find a few people who need to register. That’s okay! The most important thing you can do is keep asking. 

Be a carnival barker. Own your space and attract people to you. Be forceful but casual and adopt a welcoming posture.

Don’t pre-screen – never assume someone is registered or which side of the issue they fall on. Ask everyone if they’ll sign the petition!

Most of all, stay confident, stay cheerful, and have fun!



Illinois Laws and Regulations

The most important part of a successful voter registration event is being fully compliant with state and federal law. Registering voters is a public service and an asset to our democracy. Nobody wants to get in trouble for helping people register! More information on applicable laws are available from Project Vote

Put It Into Action

Now you are ready to go out and empower your fellow Americans and give them a voice. If you need help creating your petition, brainstorming issues, or you have any questions, contact us here.