On July 6, the Illinois House of Representatives voted to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of the controversial budget package that includes a permanent 32% income tax rate increase. Illinois Opportunity Project President Matthew Besler released the following statement:

“Today, the Illinois House voted to override the Governor’s veto of a budget that inflicts massive tax hikes on Illinois’ families and businesses, yet makes no reforms to state government. The overwhelming majority of Illinoisans oppose this measure. Governor Rauner was elected to enact the reforms that would get the state’s crumbling economy growing. Rather than negotiating a responsible budget that addresses the major drivers of state spending, Democrats rammed through a proposal that works in direct opposition to the wishes of the Illinois electorate. They did so, with the help of 16 Surrender Republicans, 11 of whom voted to override the Governor’s veto: State Representatives Steve Andersson, Terri Bryant, Michael Fortner, Norine Hammond, David Harris, Chad Hays, Sara Wojcicki Jimenez, Bill Mitchell, Reggie Phillips, and Mike Unes; and State Senator Dale Righter.”

“As State Representative Jeanne Ives noted, “This budget is a disaster for Illinois.” It imposes a 32% income tax increase on families who struggle to make ends meet. It raises the corporate tax rate 35% in a state that is bleeding jobs and businesses. Proponents of the bill scold, “We had to do something.” They proceeded to do something that will take an additional $1125 per year from the average family. They did something that will make Illinois even more hostile to businesses. But, they did nothing to improve state government or to improve life for Illinoisans.”

“At the Illinois Opportunity Project, we remain staunchly opposed to any measures that require more from Illinois families, yet ask nothing more of state government or state legislators. And we are more committed than ever to empowering citizens to hold state legislators accountable for their actions. Join us in challenging those in Springfield who put political power ahead of the people they serve. Their budget shamefully requires the people of this state to pour more of their money into a failed government.”

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