Illinois Opportunity Project Supports Candidates Committed to Advancing an Illinois Turnaround

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has been described by his political foes as “radical” and “out-of-step” with Illinoisans for advancing a reform agenda to turnaround a failing state. A recent poll from the left-leaning Paul Simon Institute, however, reveals that many of Rauner’s core views and policy proposals are supported by Illinoisans.

The study found that:

  • 78 percent of 1,000 registered voters contacted favor term limits for state lawmakers; 20 percent were opposed, and 3 percent said they didn’t know.

  • 64 percent of respondents supported the idea of having an independent commission draw legislative maps. Twenty-five percent said they oppose the idea, and 11 percent gave another answer or said they didn’t know.

  • 57 percent said they would vote for right-to-work or open-shop laws, while 4 percent said they leaned toward such laws. Thirty-three percent said they were opposed or leaning toward opposition. Seven percent gave an answer of “undecided” or said they didn’t know.

Governor Rauner has made term limits and independent redistricting key components in his Turnaround Agenda, which also includes reforms to the state’s workers’ compensation and civil lawsuit codes.

He has examined the possibility of “right-to-work zones” for public- and private-sector employees in portions of the state, and has focused attention on giving local governments the option of opting out of certain aspects of collective bargaining.

Better Government Association’s Andy Shaw told WMAY Springfield that the polls showing support for right-to-work laws call into question Illinois’ status as a pro-union state.

“What you’re really hearing is people thinking that if (right-to-work) drives down the cost of government somewhat, it’s a good thing, because people feel their taxes are not being well enough spent,” Shaw said.

The families and businesses of this state know that state government – under the rule of Speaker Madigan, Senate President Cullerton and their cronies – hasn’t been working for them. Governor Rauner’s willingness to stand up to Illinois’ powerful ruling class and to advance a free enterprise reform agenda may draw considerable ire from Madigan and his deeply entrenched political allies, but as the polling shows, his views are hardly out-of-step with Illinois voters.

In the March 15 primary, there are eight candidates running who have committed to working with the governor to advance economic freedom and opportunity in Illinois, even in the face of powerful political opposition. They have our support. And they deserve your consideration. Those candidates are:



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