May 27, 2021

Here’s the latest on what you need to know about our fight for fair representation in Springfield: 

  1. Late Friday night, Democrats released the legislative maps that they drew behind closed doors. Politicians such as Sen. Melinda Bush, Speaker Welch, and others campaigned on instituting an independent commission to draw legislative maps instead of leaving it in the hands of partisan politicians. Unfortunately, they did not stick to their promise and drew the maps in the same corrupt, untransparent way that politicians did a decade ago.
  1. Now that the maps have been introduced, the House and Senate Redistricting Committees are holding hearings on the Democrats’ proposed maps where the public is encouraged to make comments on the map. With the May 31 deadline for the end of session, it leaves little time for the public to fully examine and offer criticism on the maps. 
  1. The legislative session ends Monday, May 31. The House and Senate will vote on the maps by that deadline. It will then get sent to Gov. Pritzker, where he may pass or veto the maps. Candidate Pritzker vowed that he would not sign a map created by legislators, and now he says he will simply veto an “unfair map.” Breaking his promise and lying to Illinois voters.  
  1. There is still time to contact your legislator and/or Gov. Pritzker demanding Independent Maps. Creating an independent commission to draw the maps instead of giving the authority to partisan politicians would give Illinoisans true representation and power to participate in competitive races. Sign up below to make calls to friends and neighbors encouraging them to do the same. 


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