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We put together several easy to understand ‘how to’ guides that give step-by-step instructions on some of the ways you can take action to change our state. See these guides below to learn more.

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i360 is a voter contact platform that allows volunteers anywhere in the state to knock doors and make phone calls in support of our shared values. Request an account and join the fight.

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Blast Governor Pritzker's Failed Record

Governor Pritzker has failed Illinois. 

His budget raises politicians’ pay by $1,200, increases taxes on businesses by $665 million, cuts programs for adults with disabilities, and provides no property tax relief for working-class families. 

Voters need to know. The most effective way to share this message is through neighbor to neighbor, one on one conversations and that’s what we’re doing. 

Changing the state in 2022 starts now.

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Intern with the Illinois Opportunity Project

This election is critical for conservatives and the Republican Party to improve the lives of Illinois families and change the state. It is important that we start educating and advocating on issues today and that state and local candidates begin their involvement in the community well before the November general election. We are in search of motivated political-minded individuals to plan campaigns, coordinate volunteers, create content, and drive outreach to voters. If you are interested in a career in politics, this is your first step. Opportunity for paid positions may be available for those who distinguish themselves.


The Illinois Opportunity Project believes that empowering and organizing people around our shared values is the most impactful way to change our state and strengthen our communities. We use the neighborhood team model and relational organizing to empower individuals to change their neighborhoods and advance free-market principles into law.



How to


The most effective way to motivate a voter to take action, whether contacting their representative, supporting a candidate, or otherwise advocating for our shared values, is to have a one-on-one personal conversation with them. The most effective type of one-on-one conversation is face to face, at their door. 

How to

Host a


Door knocking is the most effective way to win votes and drive action. Learn how to host your own door knocking events and expand your impact. 

Learn how to use the i360 Door Knocking software.  

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a volunteer team

Volunteer recruitment is the most important skill that can be developed and refined by a grassroots leader. Building a team requires us to step outside of our comfort zone and establish a personal relationship with every volunteer.

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Phone calls are a critical part of any campaign. Calling as a group increases effectiveness and builds camaraderie. Phone banks can take place in a volunteer’s home, a campaign office, or anywhere with a wifi connection.

Read the i360 Phone Banking software tutorial or
Watch this video overview

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A house meeting is an important building block for changing our state. These social gatherings are an opportunity to share our message and recruit new people to our causes. 

How to


Voter registration enables us to grow our voter base, leading us closer to victory on Election Day. County fairs, parades, and veterans events are great places to register voters, and we can use data to find unregistered voters in a more targeted way.

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Your Local Officials

Although it can seem intimidating to speak with your state representative, it’s really not that difficult.  Thousands do it everyday. 

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a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor provide an opportunity to share your voice in your local newspaper. You can use them to refute a storyline presented by a newspaper, or bring attention to a policy or person you support. If it is an issue that you care about, it is likely that others will care too.

How to



Facebook and other social media platforms are excellent places to build a network of commonly-minded individuals, as they allow us to organize people virtually and build community around shared values and interests.