Demand Change

Demand Independent Maps

Gov. Pritzker pledged he would “veto any map that was unfair.” Now, when it’s actually time to start drawing the maps, he is backtracking. We are seeing the same corrupt process as before. 

Springfield political insiders are trying to disenfranchise voters and draw maps that favor themselves above doing what’s fair. They are committed to meeting the constitutional June deadline to submit a map before they even receive the accurate census data for fear of having to work in a bipartisan manner. They are rushing because their power is at stake. 

Creating an independent commission to draw the maps instead of giving the authority to partisan politicians would give Illinoisans true representation and power to participate in competitive races. 

In 2020, there was a bipartisan movement for a Fair Maps Amendment which would do just that. Some said it was a publicity ploy not intended to go anywhere. And it didn’t: the Amendment died in committee. With the positive headlines secured, The General Assembly didn’t gather for months missing the deadline to get it on the ballot for voters to decide in the 2020 Election. 

Gov. Pritzker used all his political capital to get his Tax Hike Amendment on the ballot the year before. He wanted to give politicians more power to tax and spend. Pritzker didn’t prioritize Independent Maps. He focused on power for the politicians and ignored power for the people. 

He is already in political trouble with his approval ratings plummeting and his handpicked candidate to succeed Mike Madigan and become the new Democrat State Party Chair failed to garner the votes. He’s not going to rock the boat with the political insiders he seeks to please in Springfield. 

For too long, politicians have had the power to choose who they represent rather than the other way around. 

Sign here to demand an independent and transparent map-making process that puts the voters before the politicians. 

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Stop Pritzker’s $1B Tax Hike On Businesses

Gov. Pritzker has proposed $1B in tax hikes on businesses to fund his unbalanced budget.

Gov. Pritzker has no other solution than raising taxes to tackle the state’s fiscal problems. Businesses have suffered enough during this pandemic and can’t afford another Pritzker tax hike.

Sign here to stop Pritzker’s $1B Tax Hike!

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Save Illinois Small Businesses!

Gov. Pritzker has shut down small businesses for months and expects them to pay even more in taxes.

He wants to use this lame duck session to eliminate state-level tax benefits that were created in the CARES Act.

Now is the worst time to raise taxes on struggling small businesses.

Sign here to save small businesses!

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No Retirement Tax!

Last June, State Treasurer Michael Frerichs stated: “One thing  a progressive tax would do is make clear you can have graduated rates when you are taxing retirement income. And I think that’s something that’s worth discussion.” 

Today Frerichs scheduled a press conference to clarify his statement on taxing retirement, but he cancelled it at the last minute to hide his true intentions from voters.

Sign here if you are against a retirement tax in Illinois! 

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Demand Madigan Testify

Mike Madigan refuses to testify before a bipartisan committee about his alleged involvement in the ComEd bribery scandal.

What does he have to hide? 

Sign here to demand Mike Madigan testify! 

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Don’t Let Pritzker Push You Around

Gov. Pritzker continues to threaten tax hikes on middle class families and small businesses after they rejected his Tax Hike Amendment. Illinois voters said NO to any more taxes.

Sign here to show Gov. Pritzker you won’t give into his bully tactics and demand no more tax hikes without reforms!

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Return the Madigan Money

Last election cycle Speaker Madigan gave over $21 million to State Representative candidates. After the election, despite corruption and sexual harassment scandals swirling around his office, these candidates returned the favor and loyally voted Madigan in as Speaker.

Last week, Speaker Madigan was implicated in a bribery scandal with ComEd after the company admitted it provided jobs and contracts to Speaker Madigan’s allies in exchange for rate hikes and favorable regulations.

Yet, Democrat candidates refuse to return the tainted money or pledge not to take any more.

Sign here and demand local democrats return the tainted Madigan Money.

Return Madigan’s Money

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2018 General Election Madigan Contributions (Prairie State Wire)

District  CandidateHometownTotal from MadiganVote For Madigan As Speaker
48Terra Costa HowardGlen Ellyn$1,546,160Yes
55Marty MoylanDes Plaines$696,965Yes
45Diane PappasItasca$1,473,524Yes
49Karina VillaWest Chicago$1,441,820Yes
53Mark WalkerArlington Heights$1,433,803Yes
111Monica BristowGodfrey$1,368,859Yes
62Sam YinglingGrayslake$1,074,384Yes
61Joyce MasonGurnee$740,249Yes
116Jerry Costello, IISmithton$710,523Yes
76Lance YednockOttawa$567,425Yes
17Jennifer Gong-GershowitzGlenview$552,608Yes
59Daniel DidechBuffalo Grove$466,122Yes
112Katie StuartEdwardsville$347,015Yes
46Deborah ConroyVilla Park$184,225Yes
56Michelle MussmanSchaumburg$168,351Yes
57Jonathan CarrollNorthbrook$96,605Yes
96Sue SchererDecatur$76,682Yes
85John ConnorLockport$18,251Yes
44Fred CrespoHoffman Estates $24,860Yes
98Natalie ManleyJoliet$45,422Yes
51Mary Edly-AllenLibertyville$857,998 Yes

Source: Illinois State Board of Elections

Demand Mike Madigan Resign!

Mike Madigan’s closest confidant, Mike McClain, and three others plead not guilty for their alleged involvement in the ComEd bribery scandal.

It is abundantly clear Mike Madigan cannot be trusted. Madigan’s alleged involvement in a bribery scheme involving ComEd proves he does not have Illinois families’ best interests in mind. He is out for himself, his power and his riches.

Sign here and demand Madigan resign!


Tell Governor Pritzker to REMOVE THE GRADUATED INCOME TAX from the Ballot!

In light of the coronavirus crisis shutting down the economy and wreaking havoc on the small business community, the Illinois Opportunity Project stands with the Illinois Business Alliance in calling on Gov. Pritzker and the General Assembly to remove the graduated income tax from the ballot in November.



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Do You Agree that Illinois Property Taxes are SIGNIFICANTLY TOO HIGH?

Illinois has the 2nd highest property taxes in the nation and what was the response from Springfield? A task force that has missed key deadlines and voted to strike down a motion from Rep. Deanne Mazzochi that called for studying the inherent conflict of interests in the property tax system.



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