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What is a House Meeting?

A house meeting is the building block of changing our state. It is the mechanism to recruit new people to our cause. To share our message. To expand your reach. It is simply that, a meeting in your home with 8-12 attendees invited by you. Attendees are often neighbors, family, and friends, who live close by and can be recruited to join the neighborhood team. 

House meetings need not be held in someone’s home. A business, GOP office, or restaurant are all great options.

The discussion is led by a staff organizer or by you, and is meant to build relationships and motivate attendees to action.

The primary goal is expanding our volunteers prospect pool, and identifying new potential members of our cause.

House Meeting Planning Timeline

Successful house meetings require some planning. While it’s not necessary to follow this format exactly, it provides a helpful structure. 

5-7 Days out

3-4 Days out

Day Before


House Meeting Sample Agenda

While all house meetings are different, the sample agenda below provides a useful starting place. An agenda will help your meeting run effectively and efficiently. 

Confirm you have contact information for guests.

House Meeting Asks

An important step in motivating house meeting attendees to take action is asking them to! Use these sample asks to make sure that you are as effective as possible. 

Best Practices

House Meeting Follow Up

The purpose of a house meeting is to expand our volunteer pool and motivate people to get involved as part of a neighborhood team. That means follow-up is one of the most important things a host does! 

1 Day After

2 Day After

Put It Into Action

Now you are ready to expand your network and act as a leader in your community. Change will come to Illinois, but only if we each work to bring more people into our movement. Sign up here to host a house meeting and we’ll follow up to walk you through each step.