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Write a Letter to the Editor

Why write a letter to the editor

We seek to improve lives for Illinois families by changing policy. The only way to do that is by changing the hearts and minds and motivating our supporters to take action. 

Voters won’t just wake up one day with an epiphany that they should support free-market policies. We have to make our case to them every day. In doing that, the quality of our ideas and who delivers them matters. Voters are most apt to listen to someone that is similar to them. That is why it is critical that you use your voice to advocate for the policies and people you support.

Letters to the editor (LTE) provide an opportunity to share your voice in the local newspaper. You can use it to refute a storyline presented by the paper, or bring attention to a policy or person you support. If it is an issue you care about, it is likely others will too.

Once placed, LTEs also gives you a core piece of content to share within your network by posting social media, emailing to your friends, or printing out and delivering to your neighbors.

Content is still king because good, original content drives traffic and changes minds. Today, we can each be content creators who deliver good, organic, local content to our friends, neighbors, and local community. That is a great responsibility and a great opportunity. How will you use it?

How to write a letter to the editor

First, decide on a topic. Maybe it is an issue you are particularly passionate about but isn’t getting enough coverage. Maybe it is an article you read that you think is missing the point. Maybe there is an important vote coming up that you think others should know about. Whatever it is, try and think about issues that are timely and topical, or a unique angle to make yours so. 

Once you’ve decided on your topic, visit your local newspaper’s website and see what requirements the paper has.

Armed with a compelling topic and aware of any guidelines, start writing! Try to make it personal. Voters are most often moved by stories. So if you can, share how this issue will impact you or someone you know.

Submit your LTE and wait. If it is published, congratulations! But you still have more work to-do. Take the link and post it on your social media page, email it to your friends, family, and neighbors, send it to any local blogs asking them to post it or offering to write something for the, send it to a local radio stations offering to talk more about it, send it to your locally elected officials and say you thought they might be interested in it, send it to our team at IOP and ask us to repost it, do the same for other groups. By placing the LTE in the newspaper, you’ll automatically reach some voters, and it also gives you credibility on the issue. There are innumerable ways to leverage your standing to share your perspective far-and-wide!

Helpful tips

Frequently asked questions

What if I submit a letter and it never gets published?
This happens at some publications simply because of the volume of submissions they receive on a daily basis. You should still use and share the content on your social media, through email, and all the other ways listed above.

Be persistent and don’t stop trying!

How do I know where to send?
On your local paper’s website, they should have an opinion section or contact information section. It’s typically in those areas where you will find either an email or a submission form to send your letter.


Amy Elik knows how to provide locally tailored solutions to our community. For 24 years, she’s served as a certified public accountant and auditor for local businesses and governmental bodies. Amy is also an avid volunteer and mentor. Amy will fight for our values, and understands our people, our small businesses, and our goals.

This is proven by her efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. She went above and beyond in her coordination with Crisis Food Center. Her campaign has secured countless food donations and over $1,200, which will help families from our communities in need. Her approach has been both compassionate and effective. Elik hasn’t taken a back seat in the face of adversity — she’s risen to the challenge!

Elik will bring sincerity back to local politics. She’ll fight for the 111th District with passion and dedication, just as she has as a Foster Township trustee and St. Mary’s school board member. She has a lifelong record of advocating for the unborn, Second Amendment rights, and smart fiscally responsible policies. These aren’t just baseless political platitudes, it is the way Amy lives her life. If you believe in our community and would like to see change for the better, then I’m sure you’ll join me in voting for Amy Elik for state representative in the 111th District.

Put It Into Action

Now it is your turn. Take a look through your local papers, find an issue you care about and start writing!