The longest serving state house speaker in U.S. history declares it’s a “new day” in Illinois, but with the same old policies: Highest in the nation property taxes to fund schools that fail to educate two-thirds of children in them, 8th highest overall tax burden in the nation, and a government with a budget out of balance by over $1.5 billion.

In a new TV ad Speaker Mike Madigan tries to convince us that he and the Democrats are on “our side.”


Whose side was Madigan on when property taxes soared to the highest in the nation, destroying home values while his side gig as a property tax appeals attorney made him millions?

Whose side was he on when he ignored multiple women alleging members of his staff sexually harassed and abused them while working for him?

Where was he when he allowed 27 complaints to be sent to a vacant Inspector General’s office for four years never to be investigated?

Is Madigan on the side of taxpayers and state workers as pensions continue to be over promised and underfunded leaving current and future Illinoisans with an incredible debt burden and state workers unsure if their retirements will be there?

But Madigan will call it a “new day” for Illinoisans.

Sure, it’s a new day for the 114,000 Illinoisans that moved out of the state this past year escaping a confiscatory, incompetent state government. Illinois comes only second to New Jersey with the most outbound migration. A direct indictment of the high tax, low accountability government Madigan has been at the helm of for 40 years.

So what does Madigan’s new day look like for those of us still living here? A gas tax hike, progressive income tax hike, and a continued rise in property taxes as bills continue to stack up.

Madigan hasn’t been on the side of families and taxpayers for 40 years and he sure is not now. Illinoisans must see past his fear mongering and political attacks and demand that both Republicans and Democrats work for us to pass balanced budgets with no tax hikes and prioritize our spending on core services.

In order to put our families first, the legislature must enact free market policies to keep people and businesses in the state and stop the exodus that is only digging Illinois deeper into a hole and hurting us all.  

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