January 27, 2022

Early voting in the Chicago Mayoral election begins January 26. WBEZ asked Chicagoans what they would ask the city’s mayoral candidates and what the candidates should be talking about as they ask for your vote. 

Here are some of our ideas.

What should Chicago’s mayoral candidates be talking about as they compete for your vote? 

Chicago’s mayoral candidates should be talking about the fundamental changes needed to change the way the city operates. Whether it’s in budgeting and taxes, public safety, or education. 

The way the city operates now is failing. Chicago families and small businesses are overtaxed with depleting services in return. Families risk their own safety each time they leave their house and law enforcement feels handcuffed by poor city leadership and stringent laws. Children are stuck in schools that fail to educate and prepare them for a better future and worse, fail to keep them safe from sexual predators. 

Chicago needs an unapologetic leader who has the courage to stand up to the Chicago Teachers Union, well connected business leaders who are used to getting sweet deals at the expense of budding entrepreneurs and mom and pop shops, and those who believe in the radical position of abolishing and smearing the police department. 

There aren’t just one or two adjustments that need to be made to improve our city. Wholesale change is needed to empower families, empower law enforcement, and unleash economic prosperity in a city that has the potential to be second to none. 

What questions do you have for the candidates who want to be Chicago’s next mayor? 

Katie’s questions:

  • How would you empower, recruit, and retain law enforcement officials and work around the Kim Foxx and Tim Evans Cook County non-prosecuting judicial system?
  • How would you ensure the CTA runs effectively during morning and evening rush hour while maintaining safety and order?
  • How would you break up the grip the Chicago Public School system has on families and empower them with more choices in their child’s education? 
  • After years of red tape and headache, how would you unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in the city and change the culture of under the table dealings needed to succeed?
  • How would you streamline and eliminate bloated city agencies that serve as an inhibitor to progress rather than success?
  • Would you empower the City’s Inspector General to investigate corrupt alderman and city officials and root out the entrenched corruption that has plagued City Council for decades?

Andy’s questions:

  • How will you cut taxes?
  • How will you cut spending?
  • Will you commit to opposing and vetoing any and all efforts to increase taxes?

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