In a 2016 poll conducted by the Paul Simon Institute, 72% of Illinois voters supported an independent commission responsible for drawing fair legislative maps. With that much support from Illinoisans, why hasn’t there been any movement on the issue?

Then-candidate J.B. Pritzker campaigned on the need for fair legislative maps and having an  “independent method of drawing the districts.” He argued that voters may feel disenfranchised from the voting process and that the current system discourages competition.

With the upcoming census in 2020, the House Republican caucus has taken the lead on the issue and introduced a plan for an independent drawing of legislative maps. HJRCA 10, a constitutional amendment, would create a commission comprised of both Republicans and Democrats as well as non-partisan members to draw fair legislative maps to guarantee equal representation for all voters.

The Senate has also taken up the issue with an amendment filed by State Sen. Morrison that all 19 GOP Senate members have signed on to.

J.B Pritzker has a chance to live up to his pledge.

Editorial Boards from all across the state from the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune to the Peoria Journal Star and the State Journal-Register have called for legislators to work together to pass legislation that would create a fairer process to draw the maps.

With the introduction of HJRCA 10, the ball is now in Madigan and Pritzker’s court to come to the table for a productive discussion on an issue that the majority of Illinoisans support.

Will Gov. Pritzker stick to his campaign promise and push for fair legislative maps? Illinoisans should hold the Governor to this promise, to represent our interests and not bend the knee to boss Madigan.

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