Gov. Pritzker introduced a capital plan that doubles the gas tax which would make Illinois’ gas tax the second highest in the nation, raises vehicle registration fees, and requires tax hikes on ridesharing services, streaming services, alcohol, and parking garages.

Gov. Pritzker also introduced what he calls: “A historic Fair Tax plan to address the state’s multi-billion-dollar budget deficit and protect the middle class by asking only the top 3% to pay more.”

Multiple studies have shown how Gov. Pritzker’s “Fair Tax” plan will hurt middle-class families. But, even if we take him at his word, all these other tax hikes hit middle-class families. So which is it, Gov. Pritzker? Protecting the middle-class or pounding the middle-class?

Pritzker’s capital plan calls for a $41.5 billion budget and 6 years worth of construction projects. They promise the money will be prioritized well and that projects will be run cost effectively. But, how can we trust them?

What about the project on the Jane Byrne Interchange in Chicago that is currently $300 million over budget and 4 years late on completion? Just trust them?

What about the Illinois 15 bridge project near Belleville that went $6 million over budget and took almost 3 years more to complete than projected? Just trust them?

With no accountability or reforms put in place, these projects become both costly for taxpayers and frustrating for drivers who have to endure long delays and congestion during construction.

It won’t be long until Gov. Pritzker is back asking you for more money to fix the roads that he promised that his original tax hikes were going to pay for.

For a state that already burdens its residents with the highest state and local tax burden, the $7 billion in new taxes introduced this session shows just how out of touch the ruling class in Springfield has become and illustrates their incompetence at managing money.

The state cannot provide basic services because of its refusal to reform pensions, consolidate local governments and school districts, and spend within its means.

Gov. Pritzker isn’t protecting the middle class. He is satisfying the demands of the special interest groups that got him elected and providing the funding mechanisms to benefit themselves at the cost of all Illinois families.

Transformative leaders do the hard work and make the tough decisions. While our problems continue to get worse, our leaders instead continue to make the easy decision to shift the burden on taxpayers and avoid tackling our state’s underlying structural problems.

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