We support the legislation filed by State Rep. LaShawn Ford to allow for a recall election of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the group of legislators and candidates standing up when they should stand up with Representative Ford.

Statement Released by Legislative Candidates:

“In light of recent events, I’m standing up with fellow principled candidates to call on the General Assembly and my opponent to protect the families and children of Chicago and empower them with the ability to recall Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Legislation has been filed by State Rep. LaShawn Ford, a West Side Democrat, to allow for a recall election of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. If I was in Springfield I would co-sponsor the legislation and push for its passage. I call on my opponent to do the same. Rahm and the Chicago political power structure have failed the students they are charged with educating and the families they are charged with physically protecting. It’s time to stand up and speak with moral clarity against the injustices bestowed upon us from the political status quo. A status quo that cares only about perpetuating their power at the expense—financial and otherwise—of those they have so grievously failed.”

Seth Lewis, Candidate, 23rd Senate District

Mel Thillens, Candidate, 28th Senate District

Benjamin Salzberg, Candidate, 29th Senate District

Mike Amrozowicz, Candidate, 31st Senate District

Michelle Smith, Candidate, 49th Senate District

Dale Fowler, Candidate, 59th Senate District

Heidi Holan, Candidate, 46th House District

Jillian Bernas, Candidate, 56th House District

Dawn Abernathy, Candidate, 59th House District

Brandi McGuire, Candidate, 72nd House District

Lindsay Parkhurst, Candidate, 79th House District

Mike Strick, Candidate, 84th House District

Mike Babcock, Candidate, 111th House District

David Severin, Candidate, 117th House District

Jason Kasiar, Candidate, 118th House District

Allen Skillicorn, Candidate, 66th House District.

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