By Matthew Besler

Illinois Democrats are determined to keep their failing system of government running at any cost – a cost that you will be picking up.

By now you know that the Illinois Senate passed a $5.4 billion tax increase (Senate Bill 9).

Under the plan, your income tax rate will increase to nearly 5% and new taxes will appear on numerous services that have never before been taxed. According to the DuPage Policy Journal, “DuPage County taxpayers would see a total of $557 million in state income tax increases if a tax hike measure passed by the Democrat-controlled Illinois State Senate becomes law. The community in DuPage County that would see the largest increase is Hinsdale, with a $35.9 million total increase and a $4,494 average increase. Elmhurst ($31.8 million increase), Aurora/Southwest Naperville ($29.5 million increase) and Glen Ellyn ($26.7 million increase).”

If state income taxes are increased to 4.95 percent from 3.75 percent, how much more will taxpayers in your community pay for state government? 

Ranking Communities Zip Estimated State Income Tax Increase
1 Hinsdale 60521 $35,881,230
2 Naperville (Central) 60540 $32,056,075
3 Elmhurst 60126 $31,774,713
4 Aurora / Naperville (Southwest) 60564 $29,506,041
5 Glen Ellyn 60137 $26,676,240
6 Naperville (Southeast) 60565 $24,547,747
7 Willowbrook / Burr Ridge 60527 $24,066,011
8 Wheaton (South) 60189 $20,292,064
9 Oak Brook 60523 $20,207,865
10 Lombard 60148 $18,630,805
11 Naperville (North) 60563 $17,991,627
12 Bartlett 60103 $17,953,720
13 Downers Grove (North) 60515 $16,521,041
14 Wheaton (North) 60187 $15,109,312
15 Carol Stream 60188 $14,892,264
16 Downers Grove (South) 60516 $13,249,171
17 Lisle 60532 $13,018,065
18 Bolingbrook (East) 60440 $12,707,722
19 Woodridge 60517 $12,166,387
20 Aurora (Southeast) / Fox Valley 60504 $12,060,418
21 Aurora (Northeast) / Eola 60502 $11,565,985
22 Villa Park / York Center / Oakbrook Terrace 60181 $10,846,796
23 York Center 60181 $10,846,796
24 West Chicago 60185 $10,782,565
25 Darien 60561 $10,608,055
26 Addison 60101 $10,159,984
27 Bloomingdale 60108 $9,729,665
28 Roselle 60172 $9,662,905
29 Clarendon Hills 60514 $9,486,107
30 Westmont 60559 $8,926,074
31 Hanover Park 60133 $8,333,750
32 Glendale Heights 60139 $7,837,367
33 Winfield 60190 $5,879,128
34 Warrenville 60555 $5,147,828
35 Itasca 60143 $5,103,850
36 Bensenville 60106 $4,837,216
37 Wood Dale 60191 $4,544,948
38 Wayne 60184 $2,739,292
39 Medinah 60157 $1,425,966
TOTAL $557,772,795

In February, Republican State Representative Jeanne Ives (R42) pre-filed to be the bill’s sponsor in hopes of giving taxpayers a voice in the process.

Over the weekend, as the bill moved to the House, Democrats used a procedural rule that allowed them to take the bill from Ives. It is important to note that the “rules” of the Illinois General Assembly are written and voted into effect by the Speaker and his party.  After pulling it from Ives, the bill was given to William Davis, a state representative forged in the Chicago Machine and a reliable Madigan sycophant.

The Republican effort to give families and businesses who fund government a voice in the process was a little more than a nuisance easily dismissed by the majority party.

Unfortunately, Springfield is filled with people who benefit from things staying the way they are. 

Our state could be, and should be, an economic powerhouse. We are held back by a corrupt, wasteful, inefficient government, and a largely unimaginative and cowardly political class.

Senate Bill 9 very clearly illustrates Democrats’ allegiance to protecting their political machine, rather than the people they serve.

From the manipulation of electoral maps and the advancement of a massive tax increase, to self-serving House Rules that allow the House Speaker to control what legislation comes to the floor and who brings it to the floor, SB 9 makes visible how rigged the system is against the people in this state who are playing by the rules.

It is time for Illinoisans to be honest with themselves. The 2018 election is right around the corner. Look at the Illinois State Legislature. Look at the votes they take. Then, ask three questions: Who is defending the status quo? Who is challenging it? And, what side do I want to be on? 

At the Illinois Opportunity Project, we are working to support people who are bold enough and courageous enough to challenge the Chicago Machine’s failed status quo. We support people who uphold their commitment to making real change once they get to Springfield.

We invite you to join us.

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