October 3, 2023

By: Katie Clancy

Democrat led states and cities around the country are now eating their words as the crisis at the southern border comes to their front doorstep. 

In 2018 while running for office for the first time, Gov. Pritzker tweeted, “I’ll stand up for sanctuary cities and make Illinois a welcoming place where everyone is treated with dignity and provided with an opportunity to achieve their potential.”

In 2021, Gov. Pritzker also signed legislation, “Further Establishing Illinois as the Most Welcoming State in the Nation.”

In March, then-candidate Brandon Johnson for Mayor tweeted, “Chicago must lead with and live by the promise to be a sanctuary city. Longtime Chicagoans don’t have to lose for new arrivals to gain — there’s enough space at the table for all of us to sit and eat. Immigrants are welcome here.”

Now faced with a nearly $1 billion price tag in healthcare costs at the state level, approximately $31 million a month eating at the City of Chicago’s budget, public outrage, and no solutions moving forward, Gov. Pritzker, Mayor Johnson and others are stuck with a crisis that they preferred to manage by press releases and feel good tweets rather than actually dealing with in reality.

This week, Pritzker sent a letter to President Biden asking for additional funds from the federal government to manage the busloads of migrants Illinois continues to receive. 

Pritzker also stated “Allowing just one state to lay the burden upon a certain few states run by Democrats is untenable.”

So when he declared Illinois a sanctuary state, did it ever occur to him that someone would actually take him up on his declarations? Or will he admit that was just for good public relations? 

Either way, Illinois residents are suffering the consequences as state dollars are strained and law enforcement officials remain overwhelmed. 

No cash bail, sanctuary status, and ballooning pension debt, what could go wrong?

Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see. And it’s not looking good. 


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