How much does your home mean to you?

Your biggest lifetime investment. The place where you raised your family. The community that shaped you. The place you want to continue to live. How important is that to you?

Then ask yourself, why are politicians using your home as a piggy bank and forcing you out to pay for someone else’s pension?

Why is it that Gov. Pritzker and his team are giddy about amending the constitution to raise taxes but refuse to consider an amendment to renegotiate pension agreements to lower your property taxes and save your home?

It’s because your home means nothing to them.

The place you raised your family, they don’t care.

Your cornerstone investment, they’ll use it to pay off their political allies.

We don’t have to tell you that Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation. You know it every time you get your bill in the mail. But just how much more are you paying than the rest of the country?

Families from communities in North Cook County like Inverness, Kenilworth, and Bartlett are paying for almost 3% of their home value in property taxes. Almost triple the national average.

In the western suburbs, WestCook News reports that in 2008 MacArthur “Mac” Alexander purchased his 4 bedroom, Maywood home for $467,642 in today’s dollars. After 10 years of ownership, Alexander sold his home for $61,000 this past February. Alexander paid $81,000 in property taxes during that time. Nearly six times the national average. And more than his home is worth.

South Suburban Park Forest’s middle class community has shrunk to ⅓ of its population that it once had in 1970. Why? The average property tax bill on the median home worth $45,000 comes out to be about $4,938. That’s an effective property tax rate of 7.51%. Six times the national average.

No matter your color, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or political party, we are all losing to this confiscatory property tax system. Once vibrant communities are vacant, and families are separated. High property taxes are unfair and immoral.

How are politicians like Diane Pappas (D-Itasca), Mary Edly Allen (D-Libertyville), and Mark Walker (D- Arlington Heights) fighting for your homes?

Are they fighting for a 1% hard cap on property taxes to protect homeowners like you and cuff wasteful government spending? No.

Instead they are supporting a progressive income tax hike.

Does that seem like they are looking out for you? Or are they looking out for the special interest groups that bankroll their reelection campaigns?

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