Left Behind

In November 2014, I called on newly elected – or re-elected – state legislators to consider funding education based on equity, efficiency and excellence.

Yet, union controlled Democrat state legislators didn’t stand with us on this issue. We can’t allow these legislators to force families into a failing system that leaves children behind, especially when better alternatives exist… And we can’t allow Democrat state legislators – who ignored our call to action the first time – to cling to their waning power and crumbling institutions at the expense of the school children and tax payers of Chicago and beyond. We can’t. And we won’t.

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What’s Trending in Illinois?

A closer look at recent trends in Springfield and among voters confirms that the power shift is real. The demand for independent legislators, and the equity, efficiency and excellence that is established through free-market policy solutions has never been louder. The opportunity to advance the cause of liberty and enterprise in Illinois has never been greater.

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Madigan’s Losing Game

House Speaker Michael Madigan, in cooperation with the state’s most powerful public sector union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), is working to strip the Governor of his bargaining powers as he negotiates a major government union contract on behalf of hardworking taxpayers. A majority of Illinoisans elected Governor Rauner to represent their families and businesses in Springfield. Therefore, he is the one who should negotiate with unions, not an unelected arbitrator. Illinoisans deserve a solution that balances the interests of the families and businesses who fund government with the interests of the government workers who administer core services. Legislators who vote to override the Governor’s veto diminish our representation in Springfield.

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