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Gary Rabine: Pritzker’s Progressive Tax Will Make The American Dream Impossible To Achieve

Springfield politicians finalized the ballot language for the progressive tax and outlined how they intend to spin and sell this tax hike to you. Pritzker’s Progressive Tax would make the American Dream impossible to achieve. It will raise taxes on 100,000 small businesses and a typical family of four could easily see a $3,500 tax […]

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Defeat Pritzker’s Progressive Tax

Join our movement to defeat the progressive tax hike and hold politicians accountable.

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IOP Statement On Resolution To Remove the Graduated Income Tax

Moments ago, the Republicans in the Illinois House and Senate unanimously acted to remove Pritzker’s progressive tax hike from the ballot. Now the General Assembly must take up this resolution. With families and small businesses hurting during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, now is the worst time to raise taxes. That is why we […]

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Wisconsin to Illinois: “We’re not cleaning up your mess.”

Illinois lawmakers have made awful choices and the most dangerous one is waiting for all of us in November. The Pritzker Progressive Tax will add a burden to 100,000 small businesses that won’t just make our house a little more messy, it will burn the house to the ground. Businesses closed. Jobs gone. More people leaving.

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Not Now, Not Ever

The graduated income tax hike doesn’t solve Illinois’ underlying fiscal challenges and will compound the new crisis we face due to COVID-19.

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Owners of Copper Fiddle Distillery with members of the Lake Zurich Fire Department.
Copper Fiddle Distillery Co-Owners James Iverhouse and Andrew Macker pictured with members of the Lake Zurich Fire Department receiving their first batch of in-house produced sanitizer. (Photo from Village of Lake Zurich Facebook)

Thanking Local Heroes

There are local businesses all over the state, whose owners are your neighbors or friends, who attend the same church as you, whose kids go to the same school as yours or play on the same little league team, these community business owners are paying it forward and keeping your neighborhood open for business as best they can.

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